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New York Car Insurance Has Lapsed – What Happens Next?

Reader’s Question:

My dad had a lapse in his insurance while he was out of the country and he was told by the NYS DMV that he had to surrender the plates for the entire time of the lapse, which was about 5 months. He decided to sell the vehicle to me so I can obtain the vehicle registered under my name so we can start using the vehicle again. I have all the necessary paperwork and got new insurance but at the DMV said that due to the lapse, I am still unable to register the vehicle until the end of the 5 months. Is this true?


New York, NY

Yes, it is true that the NYS DMV has the authority to deny issuing you registration on the car thus you cannot register and use the car since the current registration has been suspended as a penalty for having a lapse in car insurance coverage.

The NYS DMV will not issue a registration to any individual unless that individual makes a sworn statement on form FS-2. This statement certifies that the reason for the application in not to avoid the results from the current revocation or suspension. The local DMV Office will decide if the application will be accepted or rejected.

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